What is a WordPress site?



WordPress is an easy-to-use and extensible software package for managing websites of any type.


It can be used to launch a WordPress website. You can create one landing page or a site that manages all of the functions of large enterprises. Anyone can download and install it at any time. WordPress websites can be created with the free WordPress software. This PHP code is easily installed on any hosting platform and customized to meet individual needs.


WordPress websites can be created either directly using the platform’s code, or by customizing and installing an existing WordPress theme. Many web hosting companies offer WordPress site building options as part of their hosting plans. Some even offer dedicated WordPress hosting support.


WordPress creators want the program to be available to everyone, no matter where they are located, and regardless of their experience with web design. WordPress is a multi-layered platform that offers features for both advanced users who have extensive site design experience and beginners who just want to start a blog without any knowledge of FTP clients or code.


These are the essentials to make a WordPress site managed dedicated server


These steps are necessary to get started with a WordPress site:


Install WordPress correctly


Configure your WordPress settings


Your WordPress website will be filled with content


Your website is available to everyone!


Let’s begin by verifying that WordPress is installed.


Install WordPress


WordPress can be manually installed to any hosting account. It’s free to download from WordPress.org. WordPress.org is the parent organization responsible for WordPress’ ongoing development. WordPress.org has a large and growing developer and designer community that works on an ongoing basis to ensure WordPress continues to function smoothly.


Click to download a copy of WordPress. WordPress is available under a General Public License, which allows anyone to modify, share, and use it as they wish. All files required to create a new website are included in the WordPress package. It is delivered as a ZIP file.


How to set up WordPress homepage settings


You can change the appearance and functionality of any WordPress website by changing its many built-in settings or layout options.


The Settings tab of the site’s admin dashboard can be used to control the general settings for the WordPress site. Even those without any previous experience in site development or coding, this allows users to customize preferences for a function such as how comments are managed, custom permalinks and how content is displayed.


The Settings tab can be used to manage the settings of a WordPress plugin after it is installed. The Settings panel is also used to manage other aspects of your site, such as setting up a custom homepage.


Setting up WordPress homepage customization


WordPress can be used to create websites of any type, but it was initially designed for bloggers. Some of WordPress’ functionality still reflects this intent. The majority of WordPress themes are intended to display the blog posts on the homepage. Some users may not choose to create a blog. For many it is important to show other types of content on the homepage. You can switch between a blog page and a static homepage by using the Reading Settings or the Pages editor on your site.


Create a new static homepage


You can change the WordPress homepage settings for your site  managed dedicated server by designating a page to be the homepage. This page will display as a static page or as an unchanging page when the site opens. Select Pages>Add New in the dashboard. You can name the page “Home” or whatever you prefer, and then add the content to the homepage. Once it is perfect, publish the page.


You can edit a page already containing content and designate it as your homepage.