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Today we are off to the bull ring of poker. Out comes the bull amongst cheers of anticipation of the crowd. Today will not be a good day for either the matador or the bull. But what’s this where is this matador. Men on horses called picadors enter the ring. The bull charges in his rage and flicks his head to the left to hit the picador. The picador places a sharp lance in the bulls lefts shoulder. Again the bull charges and flicks his head left to hit the picador again the bull feels the sharp pain of the lance on his left shoulder. This continues till the bull no longer flicks his head to the left and the picadors feel the bull runs straight. Only then does the matador enter the ring. The bull charges the matador but runs straight and the matador easily avoids the bull and will surely die. If however the bull flicks to the right or left while charging the matador he may kill the matador. But his tendency has been cured by the picadors. Poker much like a bullfight requires you to cure tendencies of opponents and wear them down. If they like to check raise do not bet take a free card. Timid opponents must be bet aggressively to make them fold. Bulls surely should not be bluffed they will not fold. People who bet the flop and not the turn should be called on the flop and bet on the river. If they bet to much call them down with weaker hands. If they like to make it three bets make it four with larger pairs or AK. You on the other hand must become unpredictable. You do not want have straight tendencies. Check raise sometimes, bluff sometimes, three bet with nothing sometimes and bet till the flop sometimes and to the turn and river other times. (Example courtesy Rick Greider Teacher of Champions)


To be successful at shorthanded hold’em you must realize that if you are not careful an individual could have the best of it by simply always betting. Hold’em Slot Online Poker 2000 edition David Sklansky/Mason Malmuth


Any semi bluff that is break even or better can always be considered a winner.


You bet on the turn and again you are check raised. Now what do you do. Well now you have to think. Do you have the best hand or could the opponent be bluffing you. What guides you in your decision. The first thing you must think about are your opponent and his check raising requirements. You must decide if he check raises with top pair or does he check raise with two pair or higher. Next look at the opponents chips. Does the opponents chip stack look healthy or has it dwindled to a desperate situation. Many opponents will not check raise bluff till their situation becomes desperate often you will catch a bluff by calling this opponent down. Look to see if the opponent is a loose wild type that will try any move to get the pot. Next you want to decide the probability that the opponent has the hand that he is representing. For example you have AA and the flop comes down Q 3 2. It is doubtful an opponent will not raise with QQ from early position. He could have a 33 or 22. You probably have the best hand. You may consider a reraise. I use this example as a simple one but the problem becomes a lot greater as the flops get closer together and include flushes. You must decide what the opponent could have that he could easily check raise you and get as close to the answer as you can. Sometimes you just have to fold as it is just too easy for the opponent to have what he represents. So when you are check raised think long and hard about saving bets and gaining bets and make higher earns.


Now for some single hand analysis heads up. Remember I am using the latest technology and program for these calculations. Think about how you should play the blinds heads up.


T9s Win Rate with ties 55.85%


Win Rate without ties 52.76


Now the break downs.


Straight flush win .14 lose 0.00 tie 0.00 Total .14 to the black


Four of a Kind win .18 lose .02 tie .02 Total .20 to the black


Full house win 1.81 lose .14 tie .19 Total 2.00 to the black


Flush win 5.96 lose .30 tie .16 Total 6.12 to the black


Straight win 7.46 lose .51 tie .49 Total 7.95 to the black


Three of a kind win 2.91 lose 1.04 tie .13 Total 3.04 to the black


Two pair win 13.75 lose 6.30 tie 1.09 Total 14.84 to the black


One pair win 18.08 lose 22.37 tie .84 Total 18.92 to the red


No pair win 2.47 lose 13.48 tie .17 Total 2.64 to the red


A2 offsuit Win Rate with ties 56.58% Win Rate without ties 52.81


Now the break downs.


Straight flush win .01 lose 0.00 tie 0.00 Total .01 to the black


Four of a Kind win .09 lose 0.00 tie 0.00 Total .09 to the black


Full House win 1.60 lose .14 tie .22 Total 1.82 to the black


Flush win 1.53 lose .31 tie .17 Total 1.70 to the black


Straight win 2.38 lose .42 tie .53 Total 2.92 to the black


Three of a Kind win 3.34 lose .59 tie .10 Total 3.44 to the black


Two pair win 16.30 lose 5.59 tie .69 Total 16.99 to the black


One pair win 22.55 lose 21.78 tie 1.51 Total 24.06 to the black


No pair win 5.01 lose 14.58 tie .54 Total 5.55 to the red


The hands are broken down to make you think. Hosh can’t do that at the table for you and get a response.