Data HkGambling Banner Exchange: Gamble Picks Banner Exchange



Traffic is little better than some that have been classified as neutral… but it seems okay otherwise. Will watch traffic.


Update: Traffic not improving. Drops into Neutral category.


Gambling Banner Exchange: Super Bet Exchange

I don’t think I’ve had any traffic coming from here, besides which the predominant banner I see is the Silver Dollar Casino, almost never anything else but the occasional Las Vegas Club banner. Will stay in Neutral based on poor traffic, will re-evaluate at a later date.


Gambling Banner Exchange: Gambler Zone

Kind of a new one, it appears – a few click-thrus merit watching a bit longer – biggest problem is it appears to be mostly sport oriented, perhaps tied to another exchange. Will watch a bit longer.


Update: Data HkSport banners disappeared, owner appears to be willing to target his traffic more accurately. Merits watching a bit longer.


Gambling Banner Exchange: Casino Swap

Looks real new. Let’s see what happens.


Update: Not a whole lot of impressions. I only see Casino Swap banners on my page, but fortunately I have seen my own banner elsewhere so will give it the benefit of the doubt for a while longer.


Not Recommended:


Gambling Banner Exchange/Group: Bet Exchange Network/Bet Central


One of the most absurd claims I have ever seen since I started cruising the Gambling on Net scene was, and I quote from the main page:


Gambling Banner Exchange: Betting Banners

I still have yet to receive a response from this exchange after more than a week. Not only that, but EVERY site that runs this network is getting ripped off, because the only ad being displayed anywhere is Betting Banner’s own. And I mean MANY sites. If you joined this exchange, take it down. If you haven’t yet, don’t bother.


Update – After scanning the membership registry, I find that most other sites have discovered what I have – this network appears to no longer be supported.


Gambling Banner Exchange: Ultimate Gambling Banner Exchange

Four days and no answer… and counting. And mostly what I see is UGD’s own banner, though today I noticed a new one come online. Let’s wait a few more days and see… perhaps the wait will be worth it.


Update: Well whaddya know… I’m online – but seems very few exposures so far – have no way to know when I became live, so will watch this one for a few days longer.


Update 2: As of today (Saturday), 245 exposures earned (no bonuses), but only 34 displayed. Seems like it was 34 the last time I looked 2 days ago. Monday a decision will be made.


Update 3: Today – Sunday – 34 impressions – still – makes me think I am the only remaining member of the exchange…


Update 4: No answer – and still 34 impressions. No traffic either, so best to put it here in Not Recommended until I hear something new – right now I am not in the least impressed.


Update 5: Well, at least it shows the correct number of impressions now. But I expect support to respond as well.