CBS’ 60 Minutes Focuses on Net Gambling

This Sunday night CBS’ 60 Minutes featured a segment on Internet gambling, focusing on the legal battles of Jay Cohen, founder of World Sports Exchange (, an online sportsbook. The segment, hosted by Morley Safer, portrayed World Sports Exchange as a legitimate offshore business run by former New York stock traders who find themselves at odds with outdated US law.


Two years ago Cohen and his business partners at WSEX, Haden Ware and Steve Schillinger, were charged by the US government with taking sports wagers by phone and over the Internet, in violation of the Wire Act. Cohen returned to the US to stand trial and was convicted by a New York jury. He was fined $5,000 and sentenced to 21 months in prison.


Cohen is currently free on bail, pending appeal. Ware and Schillinger continue to operate the business from Antigua, fugitives from American justice.


Safer described World Sports Exchange as the “Internet’s most popular and profitable online gambling site.” Although numbers were not revealed, Safer said that WSEX “makes multi-millions.”


With the Super Bowl just around the corner, this timely broadcast could make WSEX even more money.


Almost $400 billion dollars a year is bet on sports, most of it illegally. According to Safer, “on any given Sunday during football season World Sports will get in the neighborhood of 20,000 bets ranging from $10 a pop to $20,000.”


“Gambling exists,” said Ware. “It’s either going to be with a legitimate daftar disini business like ours or it’s going to go underground to the bookies in the bars, and we think this is a better way to do it.”


“Antigua doesn’t see us as criminals. We’re licensed and regulated by them to do what we do…. In Antigua I’m not a criminal…. I’m only a criminal to a bunch of fat cats in Washington.”


Safer asked why Cohen returned to the US, knowing he would be arrested. “He wanted to prove a point and we were not going to close up shop on something we really believed in with all our hearts,” said Cohen’s business partner, well-tanned from 4 years of Antiguan sun.


Cohen’s lawyer says that the Wire Act, passed in the 1960s, does not apply since the Act was written before the Internet even existed.


Senator Jon Kyl, who supports outlawing all Internet gambling, had this to say: “Mr. Cohen’s attorney said that this should be a test case. Well, the jury convicted him. And so presumably the test has [been] answered. The law prohibits him from placing a sports bet either electronically through a telephone or electronically through a computer.”


As for prohibiting Internet gambling, Cohen’s lawyer said, “the only way you’re going to enforce it is if you penalize the citizens who access the Internet for those purposes.” Safer: “There aren’t enough cops to do it are there?” “You’re right. There aren’t enough cops to do it.”


It appears that the case will ultimately be decided by the US Supreme Court. Cohen’s appeal is expected to be heard next year.…

The Ultimate Guide To Winning A Steady Stream Of Income At The Internet Casinos

“You can win cash for cars, vacations and more every month, betting as little as $1 or $2 per hand.” As far as pitches go that one is pretty direct and to the point.

So the question I asked myself when I looked at this book is “what is this guy selling?” And in a nutshell it boils down to this: Blackjack basic strategy + betting rules + money management = the best chance of success. Following his simple approach author Dennis Spivak believes that the player can predictably and consistently win. “Let me tell you,” he says, “it’s utopia on the internet.”

Okay, hyperbole aside, his basic advice is pretty sound. Savvy players on and off the internet know that Blackjack is one of the few casino games where skilled players can minimize their loss expectation. And money management is essential to any player’s game strategy. As to the betting rules … well let’s have a look at the book first.

After a long and somewhat repetitious introduction and preamble the meat of Spivak’s text, his Chart, appears on page 34. It is a novel reworking of a standard Basic Strategy chart for a Multiple Deck game. What he adds to the mix is a lot of arm-twisting.

“When you stop thinking and start referring to the Chart … you’ll play a more relaxed, fundamentally sound game” he says, and “Never play hunches … Believe in the Chart”. For emphasis he adds the old saw “ours is not to reason why, ours is just to do or die.” Okay, okay, we’re getting the point: Chart good, everything else bad. Fair enough, let’s move on.

After some excellent suggestions about which Blackjack games to play –namely those where the dealer Stands on any 17 and where Double is permitted after a Split– we’re introduced to his betting strategies in Part IV.

Spivak presents a structured approach to betting that is based on (a) an “Opening Bet”, say $1 or $2, and that all subsequent bets are derived from it and (b) his stated goal which is to “minimize losses and conserve wins”. So far so good.

However, it’s in the details that I start to lose Mr. Spivak. For instance, assuming your Opening Bet was $2, he says “always log off once you are up by $2”. Say what? Sure enough, the details of his “Conservative” and “Traditional” betting strategies repeat and make a specific point of this.

In attempting to make sense of this advice I think I’ve gleaned the following: By “log off” Spivak means just that. Once you’ve logged off it’s apparently fine to log right back on again. In his words “log on and off frequently.” You’re supposed to ensure that when you do log back on you’re not “in the same spot where you previously left off”. It’s better to play games that assign you a random number as identification because then you know that the 789bet game hasn’t identified you as the same person you were in the previous game.

As far as I can tell what Spivak is saying is that it makes some difference to your final results whether the game software knows what you’ve won before within a given play session. To that I can only say this: if your results in a given hand are effected by hands you’ve already played they you’re playing a rigged game, plain and simple. Furthermore, if the casino wants to cheat you, logging off and on again isn’t going to make a big difference.

One could interject here that a hand’s results could be effected by the remaining cards in the shoe but Spivak himself makes reference to “the shuffle factor” meaning the programmed rule that online Blackjack decks are effectively reshuffled after each hand. He quite rightly points to this as the fact that renders card-counting at online Blackjack pointless. Spivak’s advice regarding log-offs baffles me because elsewhere he states that at “virtually every online casino they [the games] are programmed to be fair and … ultimately will be truly random.” I agree, but how then can logging off and then back on in any way effect a player’s results? Either the games are fair or not.

Since further explanation of this log-on-log-off betting approach is not given we’ll leave the subject as it stands. Needless to say I am soundly unconvinced.

The section concludes with some good advice on money management, specifically on establishing your bankroll. Simply put he advocates that the player have 50-times their Opening Bet in the pocket when they begin play. This is well within the common advice on this point widely given elsewhere.

There are other tidbits of advice that Spivak gives that I find puzzling though perhaps less troubling than the log-offs. Regarding Surrender, for instance, he says “I don’t like the option and I never consider it ….” Okay, that may be his preference but game analysis has shown that Surrender can give the player a slight edge so why disregard it so out of hand especially since, as he so often repeats throughout the text, “it’s all about winning”.

Around the middle of the book Spivak offers some math explaining how you’ll win 80% of the time and so on but … well, you decide for yourself. I’ve tried their Chart and their betting strategy and I sure as hell didn’t win 80% of the time. More like 1/2 that but perhaps my problem is that, as they warn, “until you totally accept the concepts … you may very well lose money.” So far he’s right about that.

The books wraps up with a 58 point summary including the mantra “Follow the Chart”. Right, we’re with you on that point. Finally there come a number of quotes offered by Chip the Cow, “team mascot, lucky charm, four leaf clover, and wheel of fortune all wrapped into one loveable bovine”. These pearls appear under the heading “Chip Sez”.

Okay, well at this point Max Sez: I’m outta here!…

Breakthrough in Internet Gaming System Tests Situs Judi Slot Online Terpercaya

BMM International – Independent testing agency, BMM International, has advised that Internet gaming systems can be effectively tested and validated for security, fraud and the highest standards of industry regulation.

“Comprehensive measures are currently in place to allow thorough testing of Internet gaming systems,” said James Sargeant, Senior Consultant, BMM International Pty Ltd. “As long as we are able to pre-empt or respond to technology advances and work with the industry, we can offer a reliable certification of the various online gambling systems available.”

Sargeant explained the requirement for compliance testing of Internet gaming systems and the wide range of issues that need to be considered as part of an invitation to present at the annual meeting of the International Association of Gaming Regulators (IAGR), held in London in late January.

“Production servers, payment gateways, call centers, and a host of other operational mediums can be checked to ensure that they comply with relevant laws, standards and specific technical requirements of a jurisdiction,” he said. “It is important to bear in mind that the Internet is only a transport mechanism and cannot be tested.”

The primary objective of subjecting an Internet Situs Judi Slot Online Terpercaya gaming system to compliance testing is to establish whether it qualifies for approval by a jurisdiction that requires compliance to specific technical standards. Spin-off effects are often just as attractive.

“There are often dramatic improvements in system reliability and security, and additional trust marks can be added to the site for marketing purposes,” explained Sargeant.

From the regulatory and operator perspective, audit controls can be used to identify unauthorized changes to the system, and verification tools can prove if a system has been modified by licensees. Clearly, full commitment to the compliance testing process must be forthcoming from all stakeholder groups – suppliers, operators, external testers, and the regulator.

“As the technology is moving so fast, innovations will appear that were not considered when the technical standards were drafted. The regulator, often after consultation with experts like BMM, will have to arbitrate on whether the innovation is acceptable, and whether or not some additional controls are required,” he said.

External testing often highlights problems which come about because of the hostile and uncontrolled nature of the real-world Internet.

For instance, developers typically use high-end workstations to develop the software and many suppliers test their software using similar high-end systems over high-speed networks. However, the systems that are used by players to play the games are not necessarily so powerful or pristine, and they are rarely connected with high speed/low delay links.

Discrepancy in system configuration and performance will often cause a game that works well in the supplier’s laboratory to fail when it comes to real-world testing.

Further, many of the systems submitted for testing have incomplete or incorrect documentation. This is not particularly surprising given the rapid development processes used by suppliers in order to get their product to the marketplace quickly.

“At the end of the day, the independent testing process aims to ensure that the online experience offered is fair, safe, secure, and entertaining, which is to everybody’s advantage,” summarized Sargeant.…

Denmark: Where Pokergirl is a Guy

It was the night before the main event of the 2004 World Series of Poker, and 50 or so European poker players had gathered in a Downtown Las Vegas bar. Most of the players had never met, but the chatter soon became brisk. Although they had never met in person, this crew had logged many hours against each other over the Internet, and putting faces to screen names was like fitting pieces into a puzzle. There seemed to be one player in particular whom everybody was eager to meet. “Which one’s Pokergirl?” shouted someone from a corner of the room. “Is it true she’s a man?” asked another. “Have you seen Pokergirl yet?” wondered someone else. Everybody, it seemed, was curious about Pokergirl. No one had ever seen this player — yet.

Morten Erlandsen with his wife, Rebecca

I was as excited as anyone. Although I hadn’t played much poker on Ladbrokes at the time, I’d done a lot of watching, and I’d watched when Ladbrokes casino opened up its online poker room and immediately carved out a niche for itself by offering the highest-stakes games on the Internet. No-limit hold’em was where the money really moved, and by 2004, the big game was $25-$50 blinds with a $5,000 buy-in. In this game, it would be not uncommon to win $100,000 in a week, and not impossible to win that much in one night. The biggest games on the Internet are not the biggest poker games in the world — yet. But they are big, all right, and those who stake their claims to those dollars are the cream of the crop. And on Ladbrokes, every time a big no-limit hold’em game was going on, Pokergirl was in the middle of it — with all the money.

Morten Erlandsen

I imagined a tiger. I imagined Doyle Brunson with fangs for teeth sitting in a Star Trek commander’s chair in front of a big-screen TV with a remote control mouse strapped on his wrist. I imagined a 700-pound gorilla chained to the floor, being fed scraps of metal while banging on a keyboard. I imagined all of those things, so in the end, I was a bit surprised to shake the hand of an easy-going Dane with blonde hair, a bright smile, and a hearty laugh. I was shaking the hand of 33-year-old Morten Erlandsen, one of the most feared and successful gamblers in all of cyberspace, the man known as Pokergirl.

There’s a simple explanation for Erlandsen’s screen name, actually. Originally, it was his mother’s account. Both of Erlandsen’s parents are proficient games players. Morten’s father is a billiards player, one of the best in Denmark when he was young, and his mother is an expert bridge player. “In the beginning, she was worried about me,” Morten said of his mom, “but now she thinks it’s great, as she can see how much money I have made. But she is still like a mother.”

The first time Morten Erlandsen ever played a hand of poker was in the year 2000, when he was 29 years old. It was at the Casino Copenhagen in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he had come to play blackjack. Morten was no mug at blackjack; he had picked up some books when passing through Las Vegas on a family trip to the Western United States some years before, and had taught himself how to count cards. On a break from blackjack one night, Morten impulsively sat down in a seven-card stud game. He was hooked.

Soon thereafter, Morten heard about Internet poker. “I started playing $2-$4 stud at ParadisePoker,” he said, “and slowly moved my way up. I played stud for about one year there, only seven-card stud, and then I switched to Ladbrokes.” Morten was at Ladbrokes poker when it launched in 2002, and continued his stud game. “I still played stud at Ladbrokes. I moved from $5-$10 to $50-$100, and then I switched to no-limit hold’em. It was because the stud games died that I had to switch.” Morten went back to the beginning, starting at $2-$4 no-limit hold’em and working his way up. “I lost the first week or so, and then I moved up fast — $4-$8, $5-$10, and then higher.” It’s been two years now that Morten has been playing no-limit hold’em, and his rise has been nothing short of meteoric. More about Situs Poker Online Pkv Games


From left to right, three of the most successful Scandinavian players — Per Werner Svensson, Johnnie Backman, and Morten ErlandsenAs for why he has been so successful, Morten puts a lot of it down to hard work. “I think I was very serious about the game,” he said, “and always noticed the other players.” Mostly, he just sat in his house and learned by himself. “In the beginning, I was lying on a little mattress in my office, and I didn’t come out very often,” he laughed. “I spent almost six months just living in my little room by myself!” During that period of almost constant play, Morten logged some marathon sessions, once playing for 46 hours straight. “I almost won all of my money back!” He giggled at the memory.

Erlandsen is one of the growing group of young Scandinavian players who are ruling the Internet, and he believes it’s no coincidence. “I think it’s the nature of the Scandinavians that they want to learn the game,” he offered. “They are more serious. They don’t want to gamble, they want to make money. So, they really study the game, and as a result, they’ve learned faster.”


Asked about the differences between live play and the Internet, Morten commented, “It is different, but I think it’s overrated. It’s not a lot different. You can still use all the stuff you know about odds and probabilities, but of course there are some elements to live play that you need to practice.” Erlandsen believes the Internet is the best place to learn poker, because there you first acquire all of the theoretical knowledge. “The live players think they have a big edge, but maybe it’s not so much.” It’s not when they’re up against Pokergirl.



“Pokergirl” playing in his first World Series of Poker

The big jump for Morten was this past May, when he journeyed to Las Vegas to play in the World Series of Poker. He didn’t fare too well in his first chance at the big dance, being knocked out on the first day, but he managed to make it a successful trip by virtue of his bread and butter, the cash games. He got so involved, in fact, that he missed his flight home! “I missed my plane because I was drunk,” he said, “but the day after I missed my plane, I went to Bellagio and won a $20,000 pot!” Playing in the WSOP was a very big experience for Erlandsen, and it fits in with his goal to play more tournaments from now on. “My game is still cash games, but my tournament play has improved a lot.” Morten has recently won several tournaments online, including one that qualified him for the upcoming Ladbrokes Poker Million, although he confesses to being the underdog there. “I think I will be nervous. I’ve never played with all of those cameras. The people who have tried that before may have an advantage.”


It’s tough getting the smile off Morten Erlandsen’s face these days, but that’s not just because of poker. Morten recently married his longtime girlfriend, Rebecca, and the couple is expecting a baby in June. He had to cut our conversation short, as obligations were pressing. “We’re going to see a movie,” he said, “a Danish movie. So, I will pass up the chance to make $10,000,” he laughed. “Now, I play poker only when I have time. There’s no schedule here!” Isn’t that the dream? For a man who never used to leave the house, life is looking up. And from the top of the poker world, it’s a pretty nice view.…

Win at Pai Gow Judi Slot Online Poker

Many online poker games are variations of Five Card Stud, and Pai Gow poker is no exception. Pai Gow was originally a tile game, but is played with cards at Internet casinos and in Las Vegas. The house and the player are each dealt seven cards, and the object of the game is to split the seven cards into the best five-card hand (sometimes called the high, or back, hand) and best two-card hand (the low, or front, hand).


Both five-card hands and both two-card hands are compared to one another, and the player wins if both hands are better than the house’s hands. The game is a tie if the player and the house each have a winning hand; two losing hands for the player means the house wins. In the event of a tie, the bet is pushed.


Pai Gow has a few unique rules that differentiates it from other types of poker. Here are some of the more important ones:


Pai Gow uses a standard 52-card deck plus a joker, which acts as the fifth card to complete a Straight, a Flush, a Straight Flush, or a Royal Flush. The joker is counted as an Ace if there is no Straight or Flush.

The house charges a 5% commission on outright wins; there is no commission on losing hands or a tie.

Players cannot act as the banker like they can in the land-based version of the game (with one exception that will be discussed below).

The five-card hand must rank higher than the two-card hand.

Hands in Pai Gow are ranked the same way they are in Five Card Stud except that an A-2-3-4-5 Straight is the second highest, followed by K-Q-J-10-9.

Strategy for online Pai Gow is a little different than for the land-based game, primarily because players do not have the option of acting as the banker. Regardless, this simplified Pai Gow strategy table will work for all online versions:


The two hands in Pai Gow lead to many different card combinations and as a result, a wide range of odds. But assuming a single-player game where only the house acts as banker, the general odds are as follows:


That means it’s easy to play Pai Gow for a long time with a little money because the tie occurs so often. The odds that both five-card hands will be the same as one another is 2.55%, and the probability that the two-card hands will be the same is 0.32%.


According to the Wizard of Odds, the house edge in Pai Gow is 2.86%. The only exception to this is at Unified Gaming casinos, which allow the player to act as banker on alternating hands. This drops the house edge to 1.46%.


All of the major casino software manufacturers offer Pai Gow Poker, but it isn’t available at every casino. Here are a few sites that do offer Pai Gow: InterCasino, Kiwi Casino, Cherry Casino.


Boss Media Signs Contract with Bet365


VAXJO, Sweden — Boss Media has signed a contract with the company bet365 Limited ( The company is the Internet and telephone- betting division of bet365 Group Limited, a bookmaker with many years of experience in the highly regulated U.K. gaming environment.


The system will be delivered with three different language versions, Spanish, English and Cantonese. Bet365 will also use its own Judi Slot Online payment system and player support, since the casino system will be integrated with the company’s sportsbook.


Peter Bertilsson, CEO and President of Boss Media, said: “This is another contract with a big sportsbook operator. We’ve seen high demand from these operators to add an Internet casino to their sportsbook, since the conversion rate of players is high,” added Mr. Bertilsson.


John Coates, Chief Executive of bet365 Group Limited said: “We are delighted to sign this deal with Boss Media and we are looking forward to making this excellent product available to all our sportsbook customers.”


Bet365 Group Limited is one of the U.K.’s largest independent betting and gaming groups. Bet365 operates a 24-hour a day international call center and Internet sportsbook for clients from over 100 countries. The group also operates the Provincial bet365 chain of licensed betting shops.


Bet365 recently announced that it had entered into a long-term exclusive agreement with Premium TV to provide a fixed odds betting product and casino service across PTV’s platform of 78 official football club websites.


Examples of sportsbook operators which Boss Media has in its portfolio include Victor Chandler Group, PLC – the largest Internet sportsbook – and now also bet365 Limited.


The Boss Media Group is one of the world’s leading suppliers of digitally distributed gaming entertainment. Potential licensees are offered a customized client-server system, an integrated payment system and the maintenance and administration services necessary for the successful operation of the licensed gaming system. Boss Media AB (publ) is a publicly traded company listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange’s O-list (Attract 40). More information about Boss Media can be viewed on the company’s website




Data HkGambling Banner Exchange: Gamble Picks Banner Exchange



Traffic is little better than some that have been classified as neutral… but it seems okay otherwise. Will watch traffic.


Update: Traffic not improving. Drops into Neutral category.


Gambling Banner Exchange: Super Bet Exchange

I don’t think I’ve had any traffic coming from here, besides which the predominant banner I see is the Silver Dollar Casino, almost never anything else but the occasional Las Vegas Club banner. Will stay in Neutral based on poor traffic, will re-evaluate at a later date.


Gambling Banner Exchange: Gambler Zone

Kind of a new one, it appears – a few click-thrus merit watching a bit longer – biggest problem is it appears to be mostly sport oriented, perhaps tied to another exchange. Will watch a bit longer.


Update: Data HkSport banners disappeared, owner appears to be willing to target his traffic more accurately. Merits watching a bit longer.


Gambling Banner Exchange: Casino Swap

Looks real new. Let’s see what happens.


Update: Not a whole lot of impressions. I only see Casino Swap banners on my page, but fortunately I have seen my own banner elsewhere so will give it the benefit of the doubt for a while longer.


Not Recommended:


Gambling Banner Exchange/Group: Bet Exchange Network/Bet Central


One of the most absurd claims I have ever seen since I started cruising the Gambling on Net scene was, and I quote from the main page:


Gambling Banner Exchange: Betting Banners

I still have yet to receive a response from this exchange after more than a week. Not only that, but EVERY site that runs this network is getting ripped off, because the only ad being displayed anywhere is Betting Banner’s own. And I mean MANY sites. If you joined this exchange, take it down. If you haven’t yet, don’t bother.


Update – After scanning the membership registry, I find that most other sites have discovered what I have – this network appears to no longer be supported.


Gambling Banner Exchange: Ultimate Gambling Banner Exchange

Four days and no answer… and counting. And mostly what I see is UGD’s own banner, though today I noticed a new one come online. Let’s wait a few more days and see… perhaps the wait will be worth it.


Update: Well whaddya know… I’m online – but seems very few exposures so far – have no way to know when I became live, so will watch this one for a few days longer.


Update 2: As of today (Saturday), 245 exposures earned (no bonuses), but only 34 displayed. Seems like it was 34 the last time I looked 2 days ago. Monday a decision will be made.


Update 3: Today – Sunday – 34 impressions – still – makes me think I am the only remaining member of the exchange…


Update 4: No answer – and still 34 impressions. No traffic either, so best to put it here in Not Recommended until I hear something new – right now I am not in the least impressed.


Update 5: Well, at least it shows the correct number of impressions now. But I expect support to respond as well.…

Another Fine Mess is pencilled in Situs Judi Dominoqq

So it’s all but rubber-stamped now.


The 2022 World Cup Finals will take place in November & December.


FIFA’s taskforce for cleaning up the Qatar-clysm has confirmed what had been widely suspected.


Another Fine Mess is pencilled in.


The recommendation released today does not give specific dates – that part of the process will be finalised at next month’s FIFA Executive Committee meeting. Yet the time-frame of November 26th to December 23rd has already been floated.


The Superbowl and Winter Olympics will not budge from January, which means a World Cup in the run-up to Christmas, which is hardly ideal for Europe and the Americas.


The thought of their TV networks accommodating three Situs Judi Dominoqq matches a day instead of their usual holiday fare is bizarre, though not unimaginable. European clubs had proposed an April-May compromise, but Ramadan happens to fall in April 2022, so that was a non-starter. In May the temperatures are also between 25C and 38C.


The poor Africa Cup of Nations, also scheduled for January 2023, is the main victim as it is inconceivable big European clubs will release their stars for two big tournaments that winter.


A winter tournament also entails at least a two-month break in the heart of the European club seasons and an extended finish to UEFA competitions in the summer of 2023. There are strong rumours of a shortened finals format, which could prove stressful for the players, but might initially soothe their clubs’ worries.


US Soccer and the Football Federation of Australia, the wronged parties in the initial vote, do not have the clout within FIFA to fight back and UEFA and the other five regions have got into line behind the rescheduling.


The Association of European Professional Leagues expressed dismay at today’s news and Football Association chairman Greg Dyke called November & December “the best of the bad options” but European clubs, who have most to lose, seem unlikely to mount a rebellion, although will try to extract some money from FIFA for their manufactured mess.


“We expect the clubs to be compensated for the damage,” confirmed European Club Association President Karl-Heinz Rumenigge.


It has all been one big cock-up, from the votes bought by Mohammed bin Hammam, the subsequent cull of disgraced Ex.Co. members, the shocking revelations of modern-day slavery surrounding the stadia building and the appalling whitewash of Michael Garcia’s investigation.


Not many in the football world are licking their lips over the 2022 World Cup, but it will surely happen in winter now.


“The matter is resolved,” concluded Sheikh Salman bin Ebrahim al-Khalifa, head of the taskforce, solemnly.


Japan braced for tough Togel Singapore Dutch test in Durban



The Netherlands brushed aside Japan when the two sides met in a friendly in Enschede just over nine months ago, but there’s far more at stake when the pair meet at the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban today, with a place in the World Cup knock-out stages on the line.


Fresh from their opening day victories, both sides will be eager to book a spot in the Round of 16 with another win here, although neither side looked particularly convincing in their first-up performances.


The Dutch may have laboured to a scratchy 2-0 win over Denmark last time out, but for Japan coach Takeshi Okada it was all about the result, as the Samurai Blue conjured their first ever World Cup victory on foreign soil with a narrow 1-0 win over Cameroon.


It was hardly champagne football on Togel Singapore display from the Asian powerhouses, but after relieving some of the immense pressure heaped upon them by an expectant press and public, Japan can relax as they go into the Durban clash as underdogs.


CSKA Moscow attacker Keisuke Honda knows all about Dutch football, having spent two-and-a-half successful seasons at VVV Venlo before moving to the Russian league.


The 24-year-old scored the only goal in the game against Cameroon, and he will hope to extend his streak against a Dutch defence which at times looked vulnerable in their opening win over Denmark.


“The atmosphere within the team is very good after collecting a win,” fellow attacker Yoshito Okubo told the Japan Football Association website.


“As we will play at a lower altitude, I should be able to run more,” he added.


Should Japan lose the match in Durban, they will face Denmark in a do-or-die showdown in Rustenburg on June 24.


Japan braced for tough Dutch test in Durban.


Samurai Blue fans no doubt hope that it won’t come to that, as Takeshi Okada and his side look to pull off another improbable win over one of the genuine aristocrats of world football.


Bafana splits?

With Bafana Bafana’s World Cup life hanging by a thread, many South Africans face a tricky choice – throw away their yellow jerseys and watch the World Cup as they would the Olympics – with interest but without fervour, or adopt another team to try to get excited about.


Yesterday was ‘Football Friday’, when the country was encouraged to dress up for the Cup, and even my middle-aged hosts were sporting yellow Bafana gear accordingly. But unlike on Cape Town’s tourist-friendly Waterfront, where I enjoyed the opening game amidst multiracial hordes of happiness, the crowd, if you can call it that, watching South Africa’s defeat against Mexico in a local bar here in the Guateng province, were less than thrilled by their nation’s first eleven.


The Johannesburg hinterland where I am staying has businesses dominated by Afrikaans-speaking whites, whose preferred sport is rugby, and barely a third of the bar that night was wearing yellow. As Uruguay began to rack up the score and it became evident that the hosts would finish up on the losing side, the interest levels waned, eyes drifted from the TV screens and conversations turned to other matters.


The next day the airwaves were full of voices urging the nation not to give up on the World Cup, but probably many will. Unless South Africa win by a cricket score against France and Uruguay beat Mexico, the host nation will be out for the first time in the first round.


While blacks are by far the majority here and love football, they are not visible to many tourists who steer clear of the inner-city areas or townships/shanty towns they live in for fear of crime.

So what visitors are left with are semi-interested Afrikaaners who, if the radio phone-ins are anything to go by, have little experience of the Beautiful Game.


The nation as a whole has come together with car flags, shirts and football fridays, but as their team makes its early but not unexpected exit from the tournament, the separate communities of the Rainbow Nation will shuffle back to their townships and gated communities, the dream of a soccer-Invictus a fond memory of 2010.


FIFA Ticketing Keluaran HK Centres in South Africa



FIFA Ticketing Centres will be open and operational from 9am (South African time) from the 15th April 2010, where services will be available to purchase tickets over the counter and also redeem tickets already purchased.


There will be a FIFA Ticketing Centre within each of the 9 host cities. The FIFA Ticketing Centres will open 7 days a week, 9am to 6pm with additional hours the day prior to the match in each host city.


If you have purchased wheelchair Keluaran HK tickets visit one of the FIFA Ticketing Centres from the 1st May 2010.




Laico Isle, Corner of Rivonia Road and Linden Street, Sandton


Maponya Mall, Old Potchefstroom Road, Soweto




Lochlogan Waterfront Mall, Corner Charles Street and 1st Avenue Mangaung




Waterfall Mall, 1 Augrabies Avenue




Brooklyn Mall, Corner Lange and Fehrsen Street New Muckleneuk




The Grove Shopping Centre, White River Road




Lifestyle Shopping Centre, Corner Landros Mare and Market Streets




Suncoast Casino and Entertainment World Suncoast Boulevard OR Tambo Parade


Durban Gateway Theatre of Shopping, 1 Palm Boulevard Umhlanga Ridge


Port Elizabeth


Moffett on Main Shopping Centre, Corner Main Road and William Moffett Road Walmer


Cape Town


The Spearhead, 42 Hans Strijdom Avenue Foreshore


FIFA Ticket Terminals are located at South Africa’s three main international airports, allowing visitors to collect their tickets immediately upon arrival into the country.


OR Tambo Airport, Johannesburg (JNB)

Cape Town Airport, Cape Town (CPT)

King Shaka Airport, Durban (DUR)


The Ticket Terminals at the airports will be operational from the 7th June – 11th July 2010 from 7am – 9pm. The Self Service Ticket Terminal will be assisted by a volunteer should any queries arise and the Helpdesk Ticket Terminal will be manned by a member of staff.


The Main Applicant will need to present the following when collecting ticket(s):


Paid with or registered Payment Card


FIFA Official Ticket Confirmation (original confirmations only)


If the paid or registered payment card is not available, the following documents may be used for Ticket redemption:


FIFA Official Ticket Confirmation (original confirmations only)



If you paid by bank / wire transfer we recommend you bring a copy of the bank / wire transfer documentation.


Failure to bring the correct identification and confirmation may result in a delay in the collection process. Please note only the main applicant will be able to collect the tickets.


Our Final / Last Minute Sales phase commences on 15th April 2010 at 18:00 hours Central European Time, where Individual Match tickets will be available for you to purchase on a first-come-first-served basis. You will be able to view current ticket availability prior to starting the application process, and Ticket transactions will be conducted immediately at the time of sale. Please visit to apply for tickets.…

2009 J. Keluaran HK League fixture list unveiled



The 2009 J. League fixture list has been announced.


The first round of fixtures heralds a marquee clash between bitter rivals Kashima Antlers and Urawa Reds at Kashima Stadium, while J1 newcomers Montedio Yamagata travel to Yamaha Stadium to take on Jubilo Iwata.


The highlight clash in Round 2 sees Urawa Reds host regional foes FC Tokyo, while Nagoya Grampus travel to ND Soft Stadium in Yamagata as Montedio prepare to host their first ever top-flight fixture.


The announcement of the fixture list was delayed by one week this season to accommodate the complex scheduling of the J2 campaign.


Three new clubs in the form of Tochigi SC, Kataller Toyama and Fagiano Okayama have been added to J2 – prompting another marathon 51-game season.


Opening day highlights include Consadole Sapporo’s grudge match with Vegalta Sendai at the Sapporo Dome, while there’s a Kanagawa derby in Hiratsuka when Shonan Bellmare welcome Yokohama FC to Hiratsuka Stadium.


In Round 2 cash-strapped FC Gifu welcome fellow Keluaran HK strugglers Ventforet Kofu to Nagaragawa Stadium, while Tokyo Verdy host Cerezo Osaka at Ajinomoto Stadium in a match-up between two fallen giants.


With four J. League teams competing in a revamped AFC Champions League this season the format of the Yamazaki Nabisco League Cup group stage has once again been altered, with two groups of seven set to face off for the right to progress to the quarter-finals – while J2 teams have once again been overlooked by the J. League’s premier knock-out competition.


Full fixture lists for J1, J2 and the Yamazaki Nabisco League Cup can be found at the J. League’s official English-language website.


Tit-for-tat spats ahead of crucial World Cup qualifier

Japan’s upcoming World Cup qualifier against Australia in Yokohama has been punctuated by an on-going verbal stoush between the two sides.


The chatter kicked off in earnest after Japan beat Qatar 3-0 in Doha last November, with a bullish Japan coach Takeshi Okada telling reporters that he wanted to “shut up” the Socceroos.


Predictably his statement was like a red rag to a bull for the Australians, with Socceroos skipper Lucas Neill retorting that his team could be one of the first to qualify for the finals in South Africa in 2010 by picking up three points in Yokohama.


Never short of a quote, West Ham United defender Neill went on to declare that Australia has the “mental edge” over a struggling Japanese side.


“We know psychologically we have a slight edge over them from the World Cup,” Neill told AAP in the build-up to an eagerly anticipated clash.


That World Cup reference comes from Australia’s epic 3-1 win over Japan in the group stage of the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany – which launched the Socceroos on their way to the second round.


Japan claimed revenge with a penalty shoot-out victory in the quarter-finals of the 2007 AFC Asian Cup, and the tension is building ahead of the latest installment of this burgeoning rivalry.


Just days away from the clash at a sold-out Yokohama International Stadium, Takeshi Okada has softened his tone.


“I need to be careful about what I say now… all I can say is that it won’t be as easy as tonight,” he told The Daily Yomiuri in the wake of Japan’s recent 5-1 friendly defeat over an inexperienced Finland at the National Stadium in Tokyo.


“There were some things we did well today, and some things we didn’t.


Thinking about the Australia game, I think we needed to execute better, but the match was meaningful to us.”


Okada is under fierce pressure after his side were beaten 1-0 by Bahrain in Manama in an AFC Asian Cup qualifier at the end of last month.


At the same time Australia drew 0-0 with Indonesia in Jakarta, however Socceroos coach Pim Verbeek negated any potential criticism ahead of that clash by naming a side comprised entirely of A-League representatives.


Verbeek has reverted to a largely European-based squad for the match in Yokohama – but they will meet just 48 hours prior to kick-off – handing Japan somewhat of a psychological advantage.


The cagey Dutchman has been quick to turn the pressure back on Japan, however, telling reporters that his team can afford to lose in Yokohama and still qualify comfortably for the finals in South Africa.


Okada, meanwhile, will be desperate for a win – with some sections of the Japanese press calling for his head following a lacklustre qualifying campaign so far.


It all points to a fascinating encounter in Yokohama, although with the top two from a five-team group qualifying automatically for South Africa, both Japan and Australia have time up their sleeves to guarantee themselves a place at FIFA’s money-spinning extravaganza.


The Japan – Australia clash will take place on February 11 at Yokohama International Stadium, with kick-off set for 7.20pm local time.