Review of Procházková’s Freshta on Shapeshifting Green

‘The characters are vivid and the reader really feels for them all caught up in their family dilemmas and the cultural misunderstandings that arise with well meaning, but culturally unaware foreign aid workers… brilliant, insightful and entertaining.’ Shapeshifting Green


More praise for Petra Procházková’s Freshta:

‘Petra Procházková’s assured debut, Freshta, a bitter-sweet hymn to Afghanistan told from an outsider’s perspective.’ Lucy Popescu, Huffington Post

‘Prochazkova is expert at creating scenes of familial chaos with ten things happening at once, and emotions running high.’ Little Words

‘I could not but recommend this novel to anyone wanting either a humane and balanced description of Afghan and traditional Muslim life or simply a highly engaging story with characters whose vividness is matched by their ability to generate empathy.’ Blogbook

‘the plot is gripping, the characters convincing and the story ultimately life-affirming…Highly recommended!…Translator Julia Sherwood has done a great job in introducing many unfamiliar words and concepts without burdening the text with long explanations.’ A Discount Ticket to Everywhere

‘Herra’s voice is a revelation, an unexpected blend of humour and pragmatism… a fantastic novel that reads as warm, intelligent fiction…funny, smart and so carefully written that it lit up a region that has, for me, been almost completely obscured by depressingly sterile documentaries and bombastic war reports until now.’ Alex in Leeds


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