Review of Procházková’s Freshta on Blogbook

‘I could not but recommend this novel to anyone wanting either a humane and balanced description of Afghan and traditional Muslim life or simply a highly engaging story with characters whose vividness is matched by their ability to generate empathy.’ Blogbook


More praise for Petra Procházková’s Freshta:

‘the plot is gripping, the characters convincing and the story ultimately life-affirming…Highly recommended!…Translator Julia Sherwood has done a great job in introducing many unfamiliar words and concepts without burdening the text with long explanations.’ A Discount Ticket to Everywhere

‘Herra’s voice is a revelation, an unexpected blend of humour and pragmatism… a fantastic novel that reads as warm, intelligent fiction…funny, smart and so carefully written that it lit up a region that has, for me, been almost completely obscured by depressingly sterile documentaries and bombastic war reports until now.’ Alex in Leeds


Book launch of Petra’s Freshta  this November – Sheffield, Oxford, London.

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