Review of Plebanek’s Illegal Liaisons on Little Words

‘Intense and fascinating novel that questions the norm of family life as well the necessity of monogamy and the morality of sex…Plebanek’s writing is unembarrassed about sex and emotions, and is charged with a deep sadness as well as eroticism…thoughtful, unashamed, brave, and ultimately beautiful.’ Little Words


More praise for Grażyna Plebanek’s Illegal Liaisons:

‘Powerfully erotic and intelligent, this novel, set in the political capital of the new Europe, shows risk-taking, glossy young professionals changing lanes at top speed between sex, parenthood and work as they race after love and meaning.’ Maggie Gee

‘Plebanek is exceptionally good at depicting the dynamics of relationships… the author captures the minute shifts in the way we relate to one  another that force us to renegotiate our place in the world every day, if not every hour. Much of the interaction described in the novel is so natural and well-observed that reading the book often feels more like eavesdropping on a private conversation than consuming a published work… the book is, by and large, a very good read. As a chronicler of domestic dynamics, Plebanek is up there with the best of them. This, the first of her novels to be translated into English, deserves to do well.’ A Year of Reading the World

‘A novel of deception, where all the main characters are playing games, at once trying escape their pasts but also continually being coloured by rootlessness and disruption.’ To Be Read


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Grażyna Plebanek’s Illegal Liaisons is published on 15 October.

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