Grażyna Plebanek’s Illegal Liaisons voted Best Book of 2012

Our warm congratulations to Polish author Grażyna Plebanek whose novel Illegal Liaisons, translated by Danusia Stok, has been voted Best Book of 2012 by These Little Words! We are very happy for Grażyna; we love her books and we are very proud to have been able to publish Illegal Liaisons and to have had such a wonderful translator as Danusia Stok to bring the book into English.

These Little Words said about the selection:Illegal Liaisons is an excellent example of great European literature that otherwise wouldn’t have got a chance to be known in the UK – thanks to Stork Press, Plebanek now has legions of British fans, and rightly so.’

Reaction from Grażyna Plebanek: ‘This is absolutely great news! It’s hard to express how thrilled I am. In my country, Poland, we usually say: “Oh, my God!”, whether we are Catholics or not. So “Oh, my God!” I’m truly honoured that my book has received this recognition and happy to know that English readers (might) like it. Thank you for this wonderful motivation’.

Reaction from Danusia Stok, the translator of Illegal Liaisons: ‘Great!  - books in translation are being read and talked about.  Working on Grażyna Plebanek’s Illegal Liaisons was a challenging - and rewarding – experience.’

These Little Words attended the book launch of Illegal Liaisons in Belgravia Books in October and you can read about it here.

We also have a transcript of the conversation between Grażyna Plebanek and the Orange-shortlisted British author Maggie Gee on our blog which took place during book launch of Illegal Liaisons this October.

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