Event: Polish Crime Night with Mariusz Czubaj and Joanna Jodełka, 30 January, London

We’re very happy to start 2014 with a really cool event with our two award winning Polish crime authors Mariusz Czubaj and Joanna Jodełka.

An evening at which crime novelists William Brodrick, Mariusz Czubaj, Anya Lipska, and Joanna Jodełka in a session chaired by journalist Rosie Goldsmith discuss what it is about the country’s people, culture and history that makes it such rich and original territory for crime fiction and thrillers.


Thursday, 30 January 

Belgravia Books, 7.00pm

59 Ebury Street

Victoria, London SW1W 0NZ

FREE (with lots of wine as always)

Find out more about the event on the Polish Cultural Institute in London website.



Mariusz Czubaj’s 21:37

Rudolf Heinz’s life is far from perfect. His son avoids him, he’s a terrible guitar player, and he lives in constant pain. But there is one thing Rudolf Heinz is really good at – he’s the best profiler in Poland when it comes to serial killers.

When the police find the dead bodies of two young men, their heads covered in plastic bags marked with the numbers 21 and 37, Heinz faces his most challenging case. Taking on a killer who likes to play games, the investigation is complicated when he discovers the victims are priests, and the local police close ranks against him. As he analyzes each lead, Heinz’s search for the killer pushes him deep into his own past, unaware that he will soon have to save his own life. And he’s running out of time…

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(Photo: Author’s archive)

Mariusz Czubaj is a cultural anthropologist and a bestselling author in Poland. His first crime novel featuring profiler Rudolf Heinz, 21:37 (21:37, 2008), won the High Calibre Award for the Best Polish Crime Novel in 2009. He has co-authored two crime novels with Marek Krajewski: Aleja samobójców (‘The Avenue of Suicides’, 2008) and Róże cmentarne (‘Graveyard Roses’, 2009). In 2011 he published the second book on Rudolf Heinz, Kołysanka dla mordercy(‘Lullaby for a Murderer’), and the third, Zanim znowu zabiję (‘Before I Kill Again’), was released in 2012.

21:37 is Czubaj’s first novel translated into English.



Joanna Jodełka’s Polychrome

Everybody’s life is riddled with secrets…

Maciej Bartol, police detective, casts a large shadow over those around him, although in truth his mother always seems to have the last word. Bartol has been called to investigate two very different death scenes – an art restorer in the most prominent part of Poznań, and a man who runs a homeless shelter. Are the killings linked? What is the meaning of the strange clues left by the killer? Soon the desperate Bartol finds himself asking for help from specialist on Christian symbolism, a woman who isn’t too happy to waste her time on a police investigation…

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(Photo: Magda Adamczewska)

Joanna Jodełka was the first woman to win the High Calibre Award for the Best Polish Crime Novel, taking the prize in 2010 for her debut Polychrome(Polichromia, 2009). Her second crime novel, Grzechotka (‘The Rattle’), was published in 2011, followed by her third in 2012.

Polychrome is Jodełka’s first novel translated into English.



In association with the Polish Cultural Institute in London.