Event: Noémi Szécsi at PEN World Voices Festival, 3-4 May, New York, USA

Friday, 3 May 2013

A Literary Safari

Wesbeth Center for the Arts, 6.30pm

55 Bethune St New York, NY 10014

Explorers may discover a bedside reading, a dinner-table discussion, or a poet in the elevator at this event, where each participant is given a map and left to roam the halls of the city’s oldest and largest artist community; the notoriously labyrinthine Westbeth Artists’ Housing. The residents will again open their homes to PEN authors and the public for this intimate annual event, which ends with a reception and champagne toast in the gallery.

With Michal Ajvaz, Nadeem Aslam, Dror Burstein, Gillian Clarke, Mia Couto, Eduardo Halfon, Natalio Hernandez, Nick Holdstock, Randa Jarrar, Tararith Kho, Jaime Manrique, Margie Orford, Jordi Punti, Noémi Szécsi, Padma Venkatraman, and others


Saturday, 4 May 2013

Invisible Cities, Visible Cities

The Public Theater, 5.00pm

425 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10003

For many novelists, describing the city where a story takes place is as fundamental as providing a well-developed protagonist. The panel will look at how the city both limits and liberates, how it is informed by collective knowledge and individual exploration, and how, particularly in the era of globalization, it can be a place of imposing history and rapid reinvention. Moderated by Michael Miller.

With Michal Ajvaz, Dror Burstein, Barbara Frischmuth, Noémi Szécsi 


Noémi Szécsi is at the heart of the new generation of Hungarian authors. Her first novel, The Finno-Ugrian Vampire (Finnugor vámpír, 2002), was reprinted in 2003 due to its success. Her second novel, Kommunista Monte Cristo (‘The Communist Monte Cristo’, 2006) won the European Union Prize for Literature in 2009. The Finno-Ugrian Vampire, translated by Peter Sherwood, was published by Stork Press in October 2012. The book was selected for the 2012 European Literature Night, voted the Best Book in Hungary in 2011 and selected for 2013 Adapting For Cinema Project. The Finno-Ugrian Vampire is published in the US and Canada in May this year by Marion Boyars.