CJ Schuler on Różewicz’s Gala: Mum, Dad, I’m a Poet in The Independent Arts Blog

‘The poet, playwright and novelist Tadeusz Różewicz is Poland’s most celebrated living author, a Nobel prize nominee described by Seamus Heaney as “one of the great European poets of the 20th century”.

Last Saturday, as part of the 2013 London Literature Festival, a lively audience of Britons and Poles packed the Purcell Room for an evening to celebrate the publication by the excellent Stork Press of Barbara Bogoczek’s translation of Mother Departs, Różewicz’s 1999 homage in poetry and prose to the life of his mother Stefania. Incorporating extracts from her letters and diaries, it is a haunting reflection on Polish life from her childhood in a remote village under Tsarist rule to the materialist clamour of the 1990s… Although Różewicz was unable to attend in person on account of his age (he is 91) and frailty, the readings were punctuated by filmed interviews with the man himself, in which his modesty and charm shone out: “I’m a poet. I was afraid to say it. I didn’t know it was decent to say something like that.”’  Read the full article ‘Poetry After Auschwitz’ by CJ Schuler in The Independent Arts Blog.


Różewicz’s Mother Departs is available in special limited hardback edition.


And paperback or Kindle edition.