Bakalar’s ‘Polish people are Britain’s invisible minority’ in the Guardian

‘Many Poles see themselves as commuting to work by coming to Britain. It is perhaps a sign of our times that migration between countries offers to many people the best of both worlds. The early excitement of joining the EU and the freedom to choose where to live or work has passed. My friends in Poland have no intention of permanently leaving their country and a large number of Poles who initially came to Britain have already returned to Poland. As a nation we are experiencing a deep transformation of who we are, and more often Poles who live abroad think of themselves as Europeans. Still, it is for the British public to decide how much they’d like to see and hear from us and for Poles to decide how much they want to be seen.’ Read the whole commentary ‘Polish people are Britain’s invisible minority’ in the Guardian.


A.M. Bakalar is the first Polish woman to publish a novel in English since Poland joined EU in 2004. Her first novel Madame Mephisto was among readers’ recommendations for the Guardian First Book Award.