Stork Twenty Questions – Rosie Goldsmith


Rosie Goldsmith is a journalist specializing in arts and current affairs, in the UK and abroad. Over 20 years’ working for the BBC, she has travelled the world, from Libya to Japan to East Timor. Rosie has covered events such as the fall of the Berlin Wall, the end of apartheid in South Africa and human rights in Egypt. She’s presented flagship BBC radio shows like Front Row, Open Book, Profile, A World In Your Ear and Crossing Continents.  She speaks French, German and some Italian and has lived for many years in Europe, Africa and the USA. Today Rosie also combines broadcasting (for the BBC and other media), reviewing, media training and specialist PR with curating and chairing related events in Britain and overseas.  In addition, passionate about foreign literature and language learning, she promotes them wherever she can. (And she likes to wear red shoes!)


1. What is your happiest memory?

Growing up in the sun in southern Africa with my adventurous parents; falling in love with my husband…

2. If you could be a superhero, what kind of superpower would you like to have?

This may sound like an ‘If I won Miss World’ answer but I honestly mean this: my superpower would be to stop wars and poverty round the world. Also, to speak fluent Italian.

3. What do you do when you are sad?

Read a fashion magazine.

4. Describe yourself in five words.

I like alliteration so…passionate, positive, pushy, perfectionist, pasta-loving.

5. How would your friends describe you?

Ask them! But I imagine that ‘colourful’ is one description!

6. What are you proud of?

Being a journalist.

7. Would you like to go into space?

No way! I am afraid of heights!

8. What makes you angry?

See answer (2). But also: people who are grumpy, greedy, selfish and unsmiling. And tyrants. And dictators.

9. If you had six months left to live, how you would spend the time?

That’s a horrible question! But I’d definitely be working less!

10. What are you afraid of?

Ill health, death, losing loved ones – the usual things.

11. Who did you want to be when you were growing up?

A writer, an artist, a fashion designer, a singer – famous! When I was five years old I won a Mars bar for singing ‘Yellow Submarine’ on stage; it’s been more difficult since then!

12. What is your favourite drink?

Champagne. Sorry to be so predictable.

13. What do you do to remain sane?

Escape to Italy, read a fashion magazine, drink champagne!

14. Are you a cat or a dog person?

Definitely a cat person: I love them.

15. What are books for?

How can I answer for others? But for ME books educate, entertain and deepen my understanding of  life (rather like my beloved BBC – on a good day!)

16. What are the books that made the biggest impression on you last year?

All the books by all the authors I’ve interviewed this year at all the festivals and events I’ve attended (honestly!) but my favourite single book is Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom (who I haven’t interviewed but would love to one day!)

17. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would that be?

Italy; London  (i.e. where I am!)

18. Do you remember your dreams, and if yes could you describe one of your dreams?

They are not erotic so I’m sure you wouldn’t be interested!

19. If you were not doing what you do now, what would be your job?

I AM doing what I want to do – but too much of it! But if I could choose one thing only: I’d love to present my own arts programme on TV or radio or write my own arts column.

20. Where are you now? 

Sitting at my desk at the top of the house, using this questionnaire as a distraction from the article I’m writing!