Polish Crime Fiction on the Rise

Our Polish crime authors, Mariusz Czubaj, author of 21:37, and Joanna Jodełka, author of Polychrome, have been mentioned in two big articles about Polish crime fiction.


Ginanne Brownell in The International New York Times wrote:

‘As evidence of the genre’s popularity, more than 50 people crammed into a small bookshop in London’s Belgravia district recently to attend a night devoted to Polish crime fiction. At the event, Mariusz Czubaj — his latest book “Martwe Popoludnie” (Dead Afternoon) will be published in Poland in April — and Joanna Jodelka, whose book “Polychrome” recently came out in paperback in English, talked about why Polish crime fiction has found an audience outside of their country.’ Read the full article here.


And Boyd Tonkin in The Independent on Sunday:

‘So, which other Polish sleuths should we discover? Already translated, Mariusz Czubaj exposes crimes among the Catholic clergy in his 21:37 (Stork Press) – as Antonia Lloyd-Jones notes, “another sensitive area for Polish readers”… Marek Krajewski argues that his generation can now “represent all the genres of crime writing: from period dramas (Marcin Wronski and me) through thrillers (Zygmunt Miłoszewski) to modern crime novels with a social background that can be compared with Scandinavian masters such as Mankell (Mariusz Czubaj). The originality of Polish crime novels is based on describing strange, complicated Polish circumstances … in the attractive form of a crime story.” ’ Read the full article here.


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Buy Paperback or eBook Kindle edition.