Discovering a new voice in literature is like falling in love for the first time. Our authors dazzle us with their fictional worlds, and surprise us with their acute observations of life. Whether in translation or written originally in English their works make us want to read more.
A.M. Bakalar 2 Photo Marek Olszewski

A.M. Bakalar

A.M. Bakalar was born and raised in Poland. She lived in Germany, France, Sicily and Canada before she moved to the UK in 2004. Madame Mephisto is her first novel and was among readers recommendations to the Guardian First Book Award. She is the first Polish woman to publish a novel in English since Poland joined EU [...] Read more »

Grażyna Plebanek

Grażyna Plebanek was born in Warsaw, Poland. She is the author of the highly acclaimed and bestselling novels Pudełko ze szpilkami (‘Box of Stilettos’, 2002), Dziewczyny z Portofino (‘Girls from Portofino’, 2005) and Przystupa (‘A Girl Called Przystupa’, 2007). Plebanek’s latest novel Illegal Liaisons (Nielegalne związki, 2010) sold 27,000 copies in Poland and is her first novel translated [...] Read more »
Joanna Jodełka Photo Magda Adamczewska

Joanna Jodełka

Joanna Jodełka was the first woman to win the High Calibre Award for the Best Polish Crime Novel, taking the prize in 2010 for her debut Polychrome (Polichromia, 2009). Her second crime novel, Grzechotka (‘The Rattle’), was published in 2011, followed by her third in 2012. Polychrome is Jodełka’s first novel translated into English.   [...] Read more »
Mariusz Czubaj

Mariusz Czubaj

Mariusz Czubaj is a cultural anthropologist and a bestselling author in Poland. His first crime novel featuring profiler Rudolf Heinz, 21:37 (21:37, 2008), won the High Calibre Award for the Best Polish Crime Novel in 2009. He has co-authored two crime novels with Marek Krajewski: Aleja samobójców (‘The Avenue of Suicides’, 2008) and Róże cmentarne [...] Read more »
Martin Llewellyn

Martin Llewellyn

Martin Llewellyn is a graduate of King’s College, London, where he obtained his PhD in French Literature, writing on Georges Bataille. He was born in London and has lived in Brussels, Paris, Prague, Montreal and Toronto; he currently lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. House of the Missing is his first novel.   Read more »

Noémi Szécsi

Noémi Szécsi is at the heart of the new generation of Hungarian authors. Her first novel, The Finno-Ugrian Vampire (Finnugor vámpír, 2002), was reprinted in 2003 due to its success. A script based on this novel was shortlisted by the Sundance Scriptwriters’ Workshop in Prague. Her second novel, Kommunista Monte Cristo (‘The Communist Monte Cristo’, 2006) won [...] Read more »

Petra Procházková

Petra Procházková is an award-winning Czech journalist, humanitarian worker and writer. In 1994, she founded the private news agency Epicentrum, dedicated to war reporting with fellow journalist Jaromír Štětina. They have covered events in Abkhazia, Afghanistan, Czechnya, East Timor, Georgia, Nagorny, Karabakh, Kashmir, Kurdistan, Ossetia, and Tadjikistan. On her return to the Czech Republic, Petra [...] Read more »
2 Tadeusz Różewicz photo by Ela Lempp

Tadeusz Różewicz

Tadeusz Różewicz (1921 – 2014) was Poland’s most distinguished writer. Remarkable for his simultaneous mastery of poetry, prose and drama, he was nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature. Tadeusz Różewicz has been translated into over forty languages. The most recent English-language volumes, recycling (2001), New Poems (2007) and Sobbing Superpower (2011), were finalists for the 2003 Popescu Prize [...] Read more »
Witold Szabłowski 2

Witold Szabłowski

Witold Szabłowski is an award-winning Polish journalist and writer, specialising in Turkish affairs. In 2008, he was the recipient of the Melchior Wańkowicz Award (category: Inspiration of the Year). His report on Turkish honour killings, ‘It’s Out of Love, Sister’, received an honorary mention at the Amnesty International competition for the best articles on human rights issues. In 2010, Szabłowski received [...] Read more »